As a 20+ year lake resident and a life-time photographer, I have always tried to pursue authenticity, emotion, and connections in my work.  Having lived in Indiana my entire life and with extensive world travels, I continue to be amazed by the amount of beauty to be found everywhere.  

My work includes both ground and aerial photos and has been aired on US and international television.  Locally, I just enjoy capturing special moments for people as well as a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  

I am a FAA licensed drone pilot with over 6 years of active drone experience.  I have flown in 8 different countries and have worked with international government agencies to gain flight approvals.

I also own and operate Morse Lake Weather website.  This site has received over 8,500,000 views and has been seen in almost every country in the world.  Understanding weather fits nicely with aerial photography.

Contact Information

Mobile:  317-984-7752

Email:  mike@morselakeimages.com

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Mail: mike@morselakeimages.com?subject=Website Contact

Many already know this but I am Morse Lake Weather too!!!